Do It At Mother's and Save

There are a lot of Top Ten lists of stolen cars and trucks. We researched several databases and realized that stats can be in flux when professional theft rings target specific makes and models. Case in point the 150 vehicles targeted in a single night at a Texas car dealership will skew the report this year. Did you know that even cars with cloth interiors are prized when stolen and shipped outside the USA.

Thieves really, really love these used cars
2004 - 2012 Dodge Ram Pickup
1994 - 2015 Chevrolet C/K 1500 Pickup
1997 - 2015 Ford F150 Series
1996 - 2015 Honda Accord
2000 - 2015 Honda Civic
1994 - 2015 Ford F250 Series
1994 - 2015 Chevrolet Suburban
1997 - 2015 Ford Taurus
2006- 2015 Ford F350 Series
2001- 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe/Yukon X

They love these too, any year model

Honda Accord
Honda Civic
Ford Pick Ups
Chevy Pick Ups
Toyota Camray
Dodge Pick Ups
Dodge Caravan
Nissan Altima
Acura Integra
Nissan Maxima

Most Insurance Claims Due to Theft or Burglary
1. Escalade 6th Year in a row #1 on the list.
2. Ford F-250 is 5 times more likely to be stolen
3. Dodge Charger - Wonder why thieves like these so much?
4. Ford F-350 - Who drives these big old boys?
5. Humor H2 - Factory alarm or no factory alarm thieves love them.
6. Dodge Magnum - American automakers are making a comeback (we hope they all do)
7. Dodge Durango - Just three times more likely to be stolen.
8. Honda S2000 - Why? Because they are awesome cars that's why.
9. Lincoln Mark LT - Thieves need comfortable wheels too I guess                      10.GMC YUKON XL - I have a 2001 model, still mine, they've tried but failed!
11. Dodge Ram Pick Up - Hemi today, gone tomorrow.
12. Chevrolet Tahoe - Why they like the Yukon better is unknown.
13. Subaru Impreza - Fast, cool looking and great on gas hmmmm.
14. Pontiac Gran Prix - Who says GM doesn't make desirable cars?
15. Chevrolet Avalanche - It's the parts... they are interchangeable