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Alarm Features

Yes, there was a time before Remote Controls. Still today customers come in the store asking for an alarm with a "clicker". Over the years we have installed every type of alarm ever made. From the early days when a locking mechanism was installed in the fender. Back then we had to cut a hole in the fender to install the darn thing. Ouch!

Keypads and Delayed Entry came next. The alarm would give you 30 seconds to get in the car and punch in your code number to deactivate the alarm. The concept had been around for years on outdoor and indoor gates. Code Alarm began as an access control company before becoming one of the world's greatest alarm companies.

Remote Controls back in the day required batteries and only worked from short distances. Some of our alarms today can work at amazing distances.

Remote Start is a feature everyone wants. Mother's was the first company to offer this product in this part of the state. Same with standard remote controls. OK, while we are at it Mothers also "invented" The Tint and Alarm Special and even trademarked the slogan. Remote Start allows you to leave your air conditioner or heater on when you exit your vehicle. Really who shuts them off anyhow? And the next time you go to your car you can first start the engine by remote control and let the car warm up or cool down a little before getting in it. The alarm protects the car from being driven even though the engine is running. If someone gets in the car the alarm goes off and the engine shuts down.

Auto Arming. If your insurance company offers a discount for having an alarm the alarm must have auto arming. This means when you shut off your car and exit the vehicle a short time later the alarm automatically sets itself to the protect mode.

Valet. Think of this as a way to keep your car from auto arming. Why would you want to do that? When you get your oil changed it allows the techs to work on your car without the alarm screaming in their face. When parked at a funeral the alarm will not 

Shock Sensor. This adjustable sensitivity feature gives the alarm the signal that something that shouldn't be happening is indeed happening. A smashed window, jimmied door handle, a dent puller pulling out a lock cylinder are several of the actions that will trigger a Shock Sensor making your alarm Siren scream it's alert. Adjust the sensitivity and the alarm will be able to tell the difference between a Hummingbird and a Jail Bird.

Blinking Red Light on the Dashboard. This is perhaps the most important part of the alarm system according to the FBI. It also has a few functions of it's own besides being a warn away light. It can tell you by it's Blink Pattern if your car is in Valet mode, if the alarm has been triggered in your absence or is standing by protecting your vehicle.

Starter Kill or as it is known by it's more genteel name, Starter Interrupt. Old habit of calling it a Starter Kill just doesn't go away. When your alarm is activated the car cannot be started, except by the Remote Start function. The thieves hate this feature which is why cars and pick up trucks with our alarms on them are 100's of times less likely to be stolen than cars without one.