Do It At Mother's and Save

Ceramic Film from as little as $299 per car or truck.

Mother's Window Tint is a company and a brand. For more than 32 years we have consistently brought you the best films at the lowest possible prices. We have the very best tint technicians to install them for you. That is what you want after all isn't it. Our Tinters are GREAT. They ADD VALUE to your car.

Trainees spend years here learning how to be the best. The job is physical and the cars get hot inside after sitting outside waiting to be brought in. Every car demands the very best our team has. There are no easy windows. Every piece of glass is a challenge to tint it as close to perfect as possible.

Reasons to get your windows tinted include:

Health - Ultra Violet rays are reduced to near zero.

Safety - Mother's Window Tint films hold glass in place after it breaks in low to medium impact scenarios and in many high impact situations.

Glare Reduction - It's like putting on the best sunglasses. Less eye strain and fewer headaches looking through car windows on long trips.

Fading and Appearance - Your car will look better for many years to come because UV rays are reduced to near zero.

When it comes to brands of films we carry many such as 3M, Madico, Huper Optik, Johnson, Llumar and many more are available to us. What does this mean to you? When we tint your car, house, office, 18 wheeler, boat, hunting cabin, ranch house or any type of glass you might have it will only be filmed with a name brand product with a written manufacturer's guarantee. There are cheap low quality films out there and we have heard of these low quality films being put into used brand boxes to fool customers. The tint business has a lot of fly by night operators out there that switch locations and names every time the landlord finally catches up with them. We have 9 locations and have been in business in the same spots, some since 1984. Do the math, if you need us for service we are going to be there for your warranty needs.

Getting your car tinted legally is important because you do not want a ticket. Tickets are expensive. We only tint according to the law. In September of 2009 Texas passed new legislation allowing your to be the darkest ever! This was a surprise because there was one legislator from up in North Texas who lives in a county with more cows than people who wanted tint outlawed! Before you cowboys get rankled over that listen up, we love pick up trucks and cows. No bull! Drop your truck off and we will gladly direct you to the nearest steak house. We even embrace our vegan friends who will be pleased to know there were no animals hurt in the creation of this web site.

Thanks very much for getting your car tinted at our company, we know you have a choice and might even have to make an excuse why you don't want your beautiful new car or truck worked on by your brother in law the family expert. In fact tell him we will give you both a two car discount! 

Don't waste your money on Do It Your Self Pre-cut kits. The odds of getting the job done right are near zero. It takes years to get to become proficient. Any claim that you can do it with no professional experience is as likely as the moon being made out of cheese.