Do It At Mother's and Save

We carry so many subwoofes that when you walk into one of our stores you will find a great sub at a great price. Here is a sample of what we have to offer.

These go for as high as $499 pre-installed in this great ported and carpeted sub box. But you are going to get them for pennies above dealer cost at $250.00 for the pair. One look at these and your friens will want to hear them. Once heard they will want to know where you bought them. These are such great subs that you would have to spend thousands more to get better. These will not last at this price so hurry.

Take a listen to the OZ 10" subs for incredible BUTT KICKING BASS with near perfect musical reproduction. They are just $49 each. Want to take up a little more space and make certain your passenger gets a sonic massage? Then try the OZ 12" subs at just $59. FOr sure you buy these you become the Wizard.