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Hüper Optik® is a transparent film applied directly to the windows of a car to form a protective barrier against the sun’s harmful infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Hüper Optik films incorporate a revolutionary “spectrally-selective” ceramic coating to create the industry’s first nano- ceramic film that lets maximum light in while keeping destructive heat and UV rays out.

German Innovation
Hüper Optik® ceramic films utilise German technology to create the world’s first nano-ceramic solar control films for the window film industry. Employing advanced techniques and enhanced process control, fine ceramic coatings are deposited onto ultra clear films that transform the end product into a high performance heat, glare and ultra-violet barrier. The films are coated using state-of-the-art production machines from Southwall Technologies Inc. This patented technology is unique only to Hüper Optik®, enabling our films to easily out-perform all conventional dyed, metallic and powder coated films available in the market today.
Ceramic Performance
Hüper Optik® Ceramic films are 100% metal-free, 100% dye-free and will not demetallised nor fade. Ceramics (often associated with demanding industrial applications) are known to be the most durable material capable of enduring the harshest environments, on land and at sea. Unlike dyed or metallised films, Hüper Optik® spectrally tuned ceramic films offer superb heat rejection properties without compromising visibility, have low reflectivity and will not appear shiny. A natural view is maintained both day and night.

Cool Comfort and Maximum Protection
Hüper Optik ceramic film is virtually transparent, providing high daytime visibility, reducing excessive glare without compromising clear night views, enhancing the overall driving experience. Hüper Optik films provide fade control and extend interior life by shielding 70% of the sun’s destructive heat and 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet rays. By comparison reflective or dyed films offer limited heat rejection at the expense of high reflectivity and will appear shiny and fade over time.

Increase Fuel Efficiency
Hüper Optik ceramic film blocks solar heat up to 70%, cooling the vehicle interior more efficiently, minimizing air conditioning loads and reducing fuel consumption.


For only the Most Demanding of Home Owners we offer Mother's Huper Optik Home Tinting service. We can give you an estimate over the phone or by email.